Welcome to Gibberfish, Inc's XMPP chat server!

XMPP, sometimes known as "Jabber" is a federated chat protocol which allows you to send instant messages, join chatrooms, and share files with any user regardless of which server they're logged in to. It works with most popular chat apps, such as Pidgin, Adium, Conversations, and others. This service is run by Gibberfish, a volunteer nonprofit, and is free to the public. We ask that if you find it valuable please think about supporting us with a modest donation. You may register an account on our server to use as you see fit, provided that you do not engage in spamming, harassment, hate speech, or illicit activities. We reserve the right to suspend your access at our discretion, for any reason. If you believe a user of our service has violated these terms, please send an email to info@gibberfish.org or contact blacksam@chat.gibberfish.org via XMPP. We pledge to keep your data private and not share it with 3rd parties. The server stores basic account details, as well as your private contact list and records of login times and IP addresses. It does not store the contents of your messages. Nevertheless, for your protection we suggest using an end-to-end encryption plugin such as OTR or OMEMO to keep your conversations completely private. Should we be legally compelled to surrender data, we will make every reasonable attempt to notify our users. We issue canary statements on a monthly basis, and we recommend that you check them regularly. To get started, configure your chat client to connect to chat.gibberfish.org on port 5222, using TLS encryption. You may choose any available user name, which will be suffixed with "@chat.gibberfish.org". This will be your XMPP user name which others can use to chat with you. It looks like an email address, but it's not. It's your "address" on the XMPP network. You can register a new account directly through your chat client, or visit our registration page. For advanced users who are concerned with anonymity, we operate a Tor hidden service at 5kpdrdn4cxpby7mz.onion on port 5222. Enjoy!
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